Imanage Inventory Management System

Imanage Inventory Management offers very simple and user-friendly interfaces for inventory management and provides a set of useful reports which simply helps you to manage your stock and sales .To use this software you need not to be an expert software user. iManage Inventory is your inventory solution that will help you to analyze your business and will make life easy .

iManage Accounting System

We provide best-in-class solutions in accounting and financial services industries to automate the entire accounting process in few mouse clicks. The software saves time and increase productivity by allowing your business accountants to maintain company financial records in computerized manner. iManage Accounting Software facilitates an accurate calculation of ledger records including the Balance sheets, Profit and Loss records, Billing details, Trial Balance, Day book, Cash book, Bank book, Journal book, Stock and Sale report, etc. The advanced custom accounting wizard facilitates a quick and easy analysis of annual financial records of your business and presents clear and concise accounting report.

PABX Billing System

The software captures CDR via RS232 port as traditional Pbx Billing Software. Beside directly communicating with Pbx via serial interface, the software is able to scan a log folder which CDR will be saved here by other software (this option often be used for customer to evaluate this software, if they already have another billing software running). PABX Billing System by Spring-Soft supports a large number of PABX.


Enterprise Application Development

J2EE Application Development
We have immense expertise on J2EE based Enterprise application. We use cutting edge J2EE frameworks for Enterprise Applications.
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